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Reppel b.v. Specialist Building Products Dordrecht Netherlands

Reppel b.v. has been active in the specialist building materials market since 1930 both as a manufacturer and as a technical business enterprise. Spread over the 2 business units, Sales Distribution Products and Sales Application Products we supply product and services worldwide. Products and services include

  • Composite steel decking and reinforced covering floors
  • Fireproofing and fire stopping products
  • Perlite and Vermiculite granules and mortars
  • Industrial protective coatings and repair products

As well as our own branches throughout Europe and in a number of worldwide locations we make use of a network of agents so that local market requirements can be optimally anticipated.

A team of enthusiastic and skilled staff members coupled with a UK, Irish and continental European network of consultants, stockists, distributors and specialised supply and installation/application companies make Reppel a reliable partner for your projects.


Reppel b.v.
P.o. box 102
3300 AC Dordrecht
The Netherlands

Managing director: Roelof van der Klis

Pieter Zeemanweg 107
3316 GZ Dordrecht
The Netherlands

TEL. +31 (0)78 6174400
FAX. +31 (0)78 6171006
E-MAIL: reppel@reppel.nl